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The Premiere LA Flooring Company

The Premiere LA Flooring Company

When you walk into a house for the first time, the first thing you notice is the flooring. DA Flooring Solutions – the LA Flooring Company – is the premiere choice for all kinds of flooring options. From carpet, vinyl, hardwood, and even tile and stone – we are experts at giving you the “wow” factor you’re looking for.

DA Flooring solutions has been LA’s top choice in flooring since 1997. Our reputation in the Los Angeles flooring industry is unrivaled. We have the experience, selection, and quality that you need. From hardwood to carpet, we’re the best and we give only our best to our customers.

Let us give you a brief description of each type of flooring we offer, and how it’s perfect for what you are looking for.

Hardwood Flooring

The Premiere LA Flooring CompanyHardwood floors are the go-to option if you’re looking to add value to your home. This type of flooring is always a good investment, because it lasts. Unlike carpet, hardwood doesn’t need to be replaced, just sanded and re-finished to be looking like new. Having years and years of experience in hardwood, our LA Flooring company puts the customer first.  Cleaning hardwood floors is also super simple, there are an array of products and tools to quickly and efficiently clean and sanitize your flooring. Hardwood is also the most obvious choice if you or your family suffers from allergens. Unlike carpet, hardwood flooring does not trap in allergens, making your sinuses happy come spring.

Vinyl Flooring

A fantastic alternative to hardwood, vinyl technology has increased a ton in the past decade. Vinyl flooring is for the conscious homeowner looking for affordable and stylish flooring.The Premiere LA Flooring Company Offered in a diverse range of textures and styles, vinyl is 100% waterproof. This is a great option for rooms that contain a lot of moisture, like a bathroom or laundry room, or alternatively the whole house. Engineered Vinyl Plank (EVP) is the latest advancement in vinyl flooring. Each plank has a waterproof core, and also dampens sounds – a feature that hardwood doesn’t have. However, this is almost impossible to tell from hardwood. EVP is a great option for any homeowner.


Although carpet sometimes gets a bad rep, nothing warms up a room better than a soft carpet. Literally, carpet insulates rooms up to 17 times better than non-carpet flooring. If you love the warmth and comfort of carpet, we have the best selection for you to choose from. Carpet is great for bedrooms and living spaces to give that added emphasis of coziness and comfort to any home. Follow this link for all our carpet options.

Tile and Stone

The Premiere LA Flooring Company

Nothing gives the wow factor better than beautiful tile or stone flooring. Usually seen in upscale homes, museums, and cathedrals, marble flooring is nothing short of stunning, adding immense value to your home. We are truly the local expert LA flooring company for installing all types of tile and stone in your home.


Why Us?

We know flooring. And at DA Flooring, we have been leaving our customers beyond satisfied with our solutions for more than 15 years. We have the biggest and best selection of flooring, and expert staff to help install it. Our Yelp reviews speak for themselves, as we have a 5 star rating and several glowing reviews – making us the Premiere LA Flooring Company. DA Flooring is honest, hardworking, and professional. Give us a call today to get a quote for your home. (310) 821-3344.