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3 Reasons Why Homeowners Should Install Hardwood Flooring

How many times have you walked into someone’s home and found yourself amazed at the beauty and warmth of the home? Most likely, you walked into a home that had hardwood flooring installed. Hardwood flooring is beautiful, durable and timeless.

Of course, some owners still have a hard time with the idea of installing hardwood floors in their own homes. They generally use the “it’ll cost too much” or some form of that to stay away. Well, let’s get the truth out right now … installing a hardwood floor costs pretty much the same as installing high quality carpet or ceramic tile, plus hardwood flooring just looks better than carpet.

So, for homeowners still in limbo over installing hardwood flooring, here are three reasons why they shouldn’t wait any longer.

1.    Increases The Value Of Your Home

Let’s be real for a moment. No one wants to waste money on their home, especially if this is their first or second home. They want everything they do to bring more value to their home. When you install hardwood flooring in your home, you are immediately increasing the value of your home (unless you are replacing marble floors with hardwood).

2.    Easy To Clean And Maintain

Next, hardwood floors are very easy to maintain. Most are more than hard enough to avoid being nicked up. Beyond that, cleaning them can be very simple, especially with some of the newer dust mops that use special cleaners with a sanitizing feature. Every ten to fifteen years, they’ll need to be stripped and re-waxed, but they don’t have to be replaced like carpet which has a five/ten year lifespan.

3.    Easy On The Allergies

Additionally, hardwoods don’t trap allergens like carpet. A lot of allergy sufferers are unaware that they can install hardwood floors and their allergies will all but be gone. That’s because the allergens cannot be trapped in any fibers or groove, and once the room has been cleaned, so have the allergens.

So, there are three reasons (four actually) for why homeowners should be installing hardwood flooring. The cost is reasonable, the value of your home will rise, they are easier to clean and maintain and they don’t harbor allergens. For more information on hardwood floors, feel free to browse our site. We have a great selection of hardwood floors for you to choose from and plenty of information to help you pick out the best hardwood flooring for your home.

In this article, we will examine various hardwood flooring options, describe, step-by-step, how to install and finish the floor yourself and discuss hardwood floor upkeep and maintenance.

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Looking for the best hardwood flooring in LA?  Here are some things to consider when planning your install:

1)  Measure Your Square Footage for your planned hardwood areas

2) Figure out your approximate budget

3) Look at the alternatives to be sure that hardwood is the right choice for your home

4) Contact qualified and trust hardwood flooring contractors to get bids on your hardwood flooring installation!

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