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Hardwood Sanding & Refinish

Looking to Boost the Appearance of your Hardwood Floors?

Sanding and refinishing your hardwood is a way to bring life back to your hardwood that may have become dull or worn over time. Your current hardwood has a wear layer. Flooring with a 3mm wear layer can be sanded and refinished up to 3 times over its lifetime. A 4mm wear layer and up will increase the amount of times you are able to refinish your hardwood.

When and Why to Refinish Hardwood Floors

There are a number of factors that may make you consider the option of Sanding and Refinishing your hardwood flooring. If you have had your hardwood for over 7+ years, it may really be time to sand and refinish. If you are starting to notice scratches, fading or discoloration to your hardwood floor, your home could be completely upgraded with a sand and refinish.

Refinishing hardwood flooring is an extremely cost effective way to improve the look of your home. When you are sanding and refinishing you are paying for the work and don’t have the cost of material. Hardwood flooring currently averages $3-$5 per square foot on the reserved side. By simply refinishing your current hardwood, the savings in cost is dramatic. Get a Quote

Sanding and Refinishing your hardwood floors won’t just make them look new again, but gives you the option to make aesthetic changes. You can opt for a new stain to change the entire look of your hardwood floors!

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